Each weekday morning, tune in as Dr. Vitz leads you into your day with greater maturity, shifted perspective, and personal strength. She and co-host Jon Leon Guerrero help you think in expanded ways, remind you that you’re not alone, and teach you where real strength comes from. Tune in daily.
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Coach Ted O’Neill and co-host Jon Leon-Guerrero give you daily bursts of humor, esotericism, unmatched expertise, and inspiration for a world-class podcast that is sure to blow up some major paradigms and give you LIFTED results in training (in all ways!) Listen episode-by-episode, or check the blog.
LIFTED Academy is the next movement in human evolution, offering specific high-level strength training of any and all weaknesses found in the four planes of your existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Turn your biggest weakness into your greatest strength.
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